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IT HAPPENED!!! Frozen is in Kingdom Hearts 3! Here’s my Kingdom Hearts 3 Frozen Trailer reaction and I did NOT expect to see this at the briefing for Microsoft E3 2018! Like what the heck! I repeat...Kh3 Frozen is now confirmed people!

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The Kingdom Hearts 3 Micosoft Trailer was out of freaking nowhere like...I wasn’t expecting that at all to show up at their briefing but IT DID! Thank you to all the folks that got to see this live as I freaked out to my reaction to Frozen in Kingdom Hearts 3.

There is a LOT of story stuff in this trailer to man...AND IT WAS IN ENGLISH!!!

➤Microsoft (XBOX): June 10th, 12:40pm PT

➤Bethesda Game Studios: June 10th, 6:10pm PT

➤Square Enix Showcase: June 11th, 9:40am PT

➤Sony (Playstation): June 11th, 5:40pm PT

➤Nintendo Direct: June 12th, 8:40am PT


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THEY DID IT! ➧ Kingdom Hearts 3 Xbox Trailer Reaction / Frozen Trailer Reaction

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